posted on 08 Jul 2010 10:22 by luvvyong
TODAY I GOES TO home friend ...watched spain and germany Match.The spain won..yeah.We talked about lived in america.Many thai student come here usa.a lot of thai student never responnlity because the parent will be support always when thai students come study in here.It is difficult.Don't believe in my word.I would like to share young thai wish to study aborad.The first step should you got tofel whatever should you excellent english because let I said thid english very poor..I must learn to speak,take a bus and many.It's so hardly for your life because I'm fighting this problem.TOday my friend share her's life when arrived in usa.Background her familly can support only finalcial tution but she must to working for spend rent room,food and cost of living.Evrything is expensive in usa.